What is the world’s best-selling musical instrument?

Do you know what is the world’s best-selling musical instrument? The answer is the harmonica. Harmonica can be used by people of all ages. Ranging from children to the elderly. Harmonica is extremely easy to learn and play. This is probably the easiest of all the popular musical instruments. The biggest advantage of Harmonica is its size. You can carry it anywhere in your pocket. Also, even if you’re playing it for the first time, no matter what, it will sound good.

what is the world's best-selling musical instrument?


The History

Harmonica is one of the easiest instruments to learn and play. Just blow and suck, the harmonica can make a pretty good sound. Initially, the harmonica came from a traditional Chinese musical instrument called ‘Sheng’. Sheng itself has been used for about 5000 years ago since the Nyu-kwa empire. In 1821, Christian Friedrich Buschmann discovered modern harmonica. Initially, this modern harmonica was a simple wind instrument consisting of vibrating plates made of metal arranged horizontally and had an unfavorable design. This harmonica can only produce chromatic wind tones. Thanks to the initial design of Buschmann, eventually many people imitated and modified the harmonica into a better musical instrument. One of the best harmonica designs at that time was made by Richter. In 1826, Richter developed variations of the harmonica with 10 fixed holes and 20 vibrating plates with the separation of blown and inhaled plates. The tone produced by Richter’s harmonica was later known as the diatonic note and became the standard harmonica tone.


Here are some types of harmonics that most used by people



Also known as Blues Harp. This physical characteristic consisting of 10 holes, which means it has 2 1/2 octaves. This diatonic can be guaranteed either for solos or accompaniment instruments. Usually, people used for Blues, Folk and Country music. Having a Ritcher-Tuned tone arrangement, this harmonica is more devoted to playing Blues music. But over time, with the custom tuning, the diatonic is also able to touch Reggae, Pop, and even Jazz. If you are just learning to play the harmonica, the best choice is a 10-hole, pro-quality diatonic. Diatonic prices range from $ 35- $ 90.



The most prominent physical feature of chromatic is the button on the right that serves to raise the existing tone. Usually, chromatic only comes with a C key which means it has an arrangement of notations when the slider button is not pressed. Because it has a fairly soft and melodious voice, chromatic was originally used to play solos on Classic music and Swing Jazz. But now, this type of harmonica is also played for the types of Pop, Irish, Tango, and even Blues music. Some world-famous artists with chromatic games are Larry Adler, Stevie Wonder, Toots Thielemans, and Hugo Diaz. Good quality chromatic harmony will cost between $ 120 – $ 250.



You can immediately recognize this harmonica because it has holes lined up and down and usually more than 15 holes. Harmonica Tremolo generally comes with keys C, G, and F. The resulting sound character is like a guitar with 12 strings. Tremolo initially as an instrument to fill the space in a song, and a little solo. Tremolo has a different arrangement of tones that almost resembles diatonic but more complex. The pitch of the Tremolo is usually uncertain, depending on the brand and the number of holes it has.


Why harmonica used by many people around the world?

Even though it looks like a child’s play, you should know that harmonica is more than a toy. Harmonica is one of the most popular musical instruments that can produce rich and unique music compared to many other instruments. How to use it is also very easy and does not need to remember the location of the finger. Harmonica can play many intervals, two or more notes, most of which are difficult or impossible for other wind instruments. This instrument can also work very well in modern music settings. Most people use harmonica in Blues music, but in fact, this tool is not only compatible with Blues, but harmonica can also be used for rock, country, jazz, and even classical music. Besides being suitable for a variety of musical colors, studying harmonica can improve your breathing. With increased breathing, your health will also improve. By breathing in and playing the melody, the diaphragm muscles will exercise a lot. This is why, especially in North America, the harmonica is sometimes used as a therapy for people with breathing difficulties.


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