What Is the Hardest Instrument To Learn?

What Is the Hardest Instrument To Learn?


Playing an instrument can be one of the greatest ways to improve the networks in your brain. But some folks want to actualize their artistic side with the most appropriate instruments. Some even do this over a hobby. Whatever your reasons, you are always eligible to learn any hardest musical instrument to learn you want at your part.


It would be a great idea to start learning instruments when you are able to spare time for it. But not all instruments are easy to learn. You will want to get notified to deal with the hardest instruments that you can learn. Without further ado, let’s see the hardest instruments that you can find.




There are many classic songs and tracks that use such beautiful symphonies. The sounds of violin and its combinations are indeed magnificent. Whether you want to be a part of an orchestra, small group, or solo playing, violin indeed has a long learning curve which makes it the hardest instrument to learn. The tiniest string instruments are hard to take by many beginners. If you want to learn it well, you will need to cover all of your basics first before proceeding.


Unlike the guitar or bass, there is no marking to lead your finger to press the right strings and fret. You need to learn and use your muscle memories to appropriately press them.


Reading notes is also not easy. As mentioned, you will need to learn all from the basics then proceed to the next level. Taking a formal course will help you learn from the foundations.

how hard is it to learn violin


French Horn


French horn is less popular than any other instrument because of its challenging learning curve. But once one masters it, they can play such wonderful songs which others cannot. French Horn has a unique sound and range of notes.


French horn uses many partials. Ones need to have good fingers to conduct the appropriate fingering technique. What makes it harder is the gap between the high notes which is too close to each other. Even the professionals can make a slight mistake when conducting the fingering.


The other difficulty in playing this instrument is the necessity to move your lips and push the air to move between them. Learning it the right way will be challenging.


The next challenging factor is your physical condition. Ones will need to use more air to produce ampler sounds. In your training session, it can be much harder than your routine exercises.


french horn sound





Piano players have such spells that many music lovers cannot resist. Once the professional piano players hit the tuts, everybody will be impressed.


While you saw back then that the professionals can make it look so easy, well it can be the hardest instrument to learn to play for beginners. Playing piano is not only about hitting the right notes with appropriate technique, but also how you play the emotions to impress your audiences.


It is so wrong that people think that piano players are only using their two hands. You will use everything in your body from top to bottom down to your emotions.


The posture, notes, partiture reading, legs, positioning, and other factors hold such important roles in your piano play. It is not for part-time people.






They said that if you can play organ, then you can play piano, and VICE VERSA. Well, it is not entirely true. It is true that the keys are placed pretty much the same way as the piano. But once you hold the Organ instrument, then you know that this is a different thing.  Unlike piano, it has tons of switches and draw bars that can change the tone of the instrument. You need to take your time to learn all of these features if you don’t want to mislead the play. It does not have a sustain pedal. So, if you want to sustain a note or chord, you will need to make your fingers work for it. It requires a lot of time and effort to learn this instrument. And there is no easy way to reach such professionalism.

what type of instrument is an organ




Are you interested in playing this 40 or 47 strings instrument? I know it! It is plenty, isn’t it? If that fact alone does not make you back off from your position now, I’d give you a thumb up!


It is arguably the hardest instrument to play in the world. It requires a lot of time and effort to learn harp from top to bottom. Think about 47 strings on your two hands. Left the fact alone, the harp is indeed worth trying. When you’ve reached the Harp instrument expertise, you can rule it. You can play it solo or with an orchestra group. But the play settings have evolved from time to time. Many harp players are now convenient with the classical quartet or fusion band. Well, it is your choice.

how many string does a harp have



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