What Are the Best Clarinet Brands?

best clarinet brands for beginners


Whether you are just starting, or wanting to get the clarinet out there, you might have some questions. When we talk about the best clarinet brands, we are not only talking about one factor. Rather, it is about many variables like the brand reputation, customer feedback, the prices, values, guarantees, material of the instruments, the location of the store, how you can get it, and so on.


While doing all of these by yourself can waste a lot of time, you can see this list instead and get straightforward to the brands of your choice.


Mind the types of clarinets


Just in case if you have yet realized the types of clarinets. There are different types of clarinets to choose from the Bb, the A, and the Eb in the Soprano Clarinet category. Meanwhile, in the bass clarinet family, there are two types of bass clarinet called the Contra-Alto, and Contra-Bass or we can simply call them Alto and Bass clarinets.


It is often prevalent to a band of clarinets. Therefore multiple members in the band can decide to use multiple clarinets. Whether you are using your clarinets for solo or group play, you deserve to explore all of the types before picking one you desire the most, or picking more than one.


Clarinets brands for beginners


If you are a beginner, the teacher will mostly suggest that you play Bb clarinets first. It is the most basic clarinet and easiest instrument to play.


Depending on which class you attend, your teacher might suggest you to get plastic clarinets rather than wooden instruments. But it does not mean that you are away from wooden clarinets. Here are the best clarinet brands you can consider.




Nuvo clarinets series are popular amongst younger players who are between 4 to 12. There are some clarinets models that are built for smaller hands. These are great gifts for your kids. The clarineos are mostly materialized with plastic, which makes the models cheaper. For student clarinets, this one has such great quality.


Jean Paul


Made in the USA, it has a popular name in the US and around the world. When it comes to student clarinets, you can easily find top models from this brand with good price and high quality. The models are made of ebonite, which are less durable than plastics but make better sounds. These are also inexpensive.




Buffet brand is one of the most prominent clarinet brands on the market. Its B12 model has been purchased in many countries for students and beginners options. These models are durable, easy to use, as well as not pricey. Most models come with easy to tune and finger. I suggest you take B12 as a beginner.




Yamaha is down to earth. Only few people can resist the existence of this brand. Its ranges of strings instruments have received tons of positive feedback. Its YCL-255 and YCL-250 are most recommended models for beginners.


Clarinets Brands for Intermediate Players


For those who want to level up their game but still think about rooms for improvement, you can go with the good clarinet brands for intermediate below.




If you are asking anywhere, Yamaha will always pop up as one of the most recommended brands. It has such wonderful string instruments series that are hard to fail the expectations of music players. You can check on its YCL-450 and YCL-650 models for intermediate levels.




Most of the Buffet brand intermediate clarinet models come in wood materials. So, if you are not up to wood material, this brand might not work for you. The intermediate clarinet units that you can consider to pick for intermediate play are E11 and E12 models. Both of them are made of wood.




Mendini is hard not to notice. Its MCT-30 has gained a lot of positive feedback in various marketplaces. These intermediate models are made of wood. People choose this brand over Buffet because of its friendly price. If you are budget conscious, consider to pick mendini units for your intermediate play.


Clarinet brands for Professionals


When it comes to the professionals, you will want to get the best units from the market. Most of the professional clarinets are made of wood. it is because the focus is on the sound quality.




Obviously, most professionals will recommend this brand. Many different models have been spotted in important music events. One of them is YCL-CSVR. The handcrafted custom clarinet offers such perfection for the professionals.




Buffet is a long-time rival of Yamaha. It is arguably the top brand in the clarinet world. Well, it is not surprising since we have seen over the number of sales of its R13 model, which is more prevalent than Yamaha models. Made of wood, it is coated by the resin to make the models more durable.




Vento might not be a popular option for Beginners and Intermediates. But in the professional world, it indeed has such popular top clarinet brands. Its top seller is Vento 901-VEBC. Many professionals in orchestra, group, and solo have been using this. Not only does it produce such quality sound, but it also comes with a light price tag.


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