How to Start Producing Music

Whether you are a singer, band player, artist, producer, or a hobbyist who want to make money from music, you will surely want to know how to start producing music. Becoming a music producer is the right path you’d like to take to get serious with the music production. But before going deeper, there are crucial things that you need to comprehend. As your fellow hobbyist, I’d like to divide my guide to three segments:

1) How to become a music producer

2) How long does it take to become a music producer?

3) How to start producing music at home


Those are actually the most common questions asked by fellow music fans and friends. So, why not put everything in one basket. I hope everyone who reads this article will come out prepared before making the music production by themselves.

Learn How to Start Producing Music


How to become a music producer


First things first, you will need to know the role of a music producer and the things that you are responsible for.


Although the job description of music producer can be different from one case to another, the common assignments which you will execute are:


  • Managing artists
  • Music composing
  • Music arrangement
  • Collaboration
  • Create an image of music
  • Create song
  • Create music
  • Create artist
  • Hire professionals
  • Recording
  • Music engineering
  • Performances
  • Music concept
  • Artistic concept
  • Mixing mastering


Besides all of those, there are many more tasks that you are responsible for. But don’t fret yet. It does not mean that you are responsible for all of them.

Assess your skills and cover as many details as you can. The areas which are beyond your reach can be handled by the professionals instead. After all, it is impossible to cover all of the areas by yourself. Your chance will be much better if you build your team.


The second thing that I’d like to suggest is to get yourself prepared with all the knowledge. You will eventually know that you need certain education to start your journey. Do any of those roles require education? Although you can browse such information online, there are certain areas which are not shared by the third parties. There are some pivotal things which you can only get from formal education.


The good thing about the formal education is that you can transfer all the skills in the recording situation and music production both in general and specific scopes. You will know all the details so that no one can deceive you. Music industry is hot. Therefore, many of the scammers and fraudsters are hitting on beginners. If you are still new in the music production, it is important to educate yourself first before going further.


After getting an education, you will come out with more preparation. Here is the list of things to do to start your music production:


  • Get the artist
  • Get the gig
  • Recording session
  • Make music connections
  • Get the recording studios


Market your artists


Those are the very first things you will do as a music producer. Once you have run your business for a while, you will eventually know how to start producing music in more advanced ways. Then there will be many different agendas that you make with your best team to produce such wonderful music.



How long does it take to become a music producer?


Taking an education will take roughly four years to finish. But actually, you can start producing music even before that. So, it is safe to assume that there is no standard level of education needed to become a music production. Many institutions have been offering the music production programs without looking at your education background. The bachelor program will take around four years to finish. But if bachelor is too long for you, or for any other reason you want your music production to be actualized quickly, getting a diploma degree is also a great idea. It does not matter which program you take as long as you get the right one, you should be able to use what you got from the education in the real music production world.




How to start producing music at home



Alright you have your skills, knowledge, and (probably) adequate capital to start producing music at home. Then you just need to prepare what you need to install in your home. Here are everything that you need to prepare to get started.

Learn How to start producing music at home


Purchase powerful rig


Okay you can actually produce your own music with your current laptop. But make sure that you have enough RAM in your rig. Whether it is 4Gb or 8GB RAM laptop, it can work. But a big NO if your laptop still has 2GB RAM. You don’t want to end up with frozen software because of less powerful rig. Some folks go with Super PC or Coffee Lake stuff. But if you don’t want to purchase something fancy, your laptop should be sufficient enough to operate the music production software.



Get your software


There are a lot of music production software and apps that you can find online. If you are in the middle between free and paid software, it is important to decide it by yourself. Don’t follow the trends. What I meant is the trend of having the most common software. For instance, many people recommend DAW because they think that it is the best software in the world. But you won’t be sure unless you try it by yourself. Compare that software with the other paid software. Check on free software as well. Pick software which you are most comfortable with.


The hardware and music instruments


You know the drill. First things first, you could shop around in the brick-and-mortar shops or online shops. It doesn’t matter. Make sure the hardware you purchase is high quality. Prepare your bass, guitar, drum, keyboard, mics, playback speakers, and so on.


Design your room


Designing the music studio is not like designing any usual room for your home. You will want to make sure that the space is enough to cater all the instruments and the band members. Not to mention that your room must be soundproof to prevent sound from breaking. The last thing you want is to get complaints from your angry neighbors.


Electrical installation


Make sure that you have installed all the power outlets. If your electrical power needs to upgrade, make sure to upgrade it first before renovating your room. You don’t want to rebuild your room just because you realize that your electric needs upgrades and your contractor suggests to tear the wall.









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