How to See Who Follows Your Playlist on Spotify

If you are wondering about how to see who follows your playlist on spotify, you might not be able to find the answer anytime soon. Well, Spotify does not come with the specific feature which allows their users to see who follows their playlist. While not the playlist can be followed, you can rest assured that you are able to see who is following your profile.

To see how to see who follows your playlist on spotify, you might need to be patient. We also hope that Spotify will eventually come up with a sort of feature and unlock the ability for their beloved users.

If you just want to figure out who is following your profile, you could check it on your profile and click on the “Followers” tab.

Spotify platform does not allow its users to view who is following your platform. But in the silver lining, you are able to see how many people who are following your playlist.


Here is how you are going to do it:


  1. Login your Spotify
  2. Find the “Your Library” at the bottom of your screen
  3. Choose the specific playlist you will want to see the number of the followers
  4. You can see the number of followers beside your Spotify nickname

How to See Who Follows Your Playlist on Spotify



 How to find people on spotify


Spotify is a unique social networking platform. it allows you to share the amazing contents and make new friends in music niche. However, this platform is not as usual social media sites. Finding people on Spotify could be tricky if you are not familiar with it.


Looking for people by their username


Finding people will be a lot easier if you have their Spotify Username. In the Spotify Search Box, add the Username of your friends and hit enter. Your friend’s profile will immediately appear.


Once you’ve followed them, you will be able to share the tracks with them. Even though you don’t connect your facebook, you could still see your Facebook friends number.


Passive finding


If you already have Spotify username, you can encourage the other party to find you using the step we mentioned above. You can also ask them to send you playlist or track. you will get message in your Spotify inbox. From there, you will be able to find their Spotify profiles. By then, you can follow, or unfollow them.


Without using Spotify search box


If you want to find people outside the Spotify platform, it can be a bit trickier. But you can do these tricks.


First things first, you could ask your friend to send you the link of their playlist through email, Facebook, WA messenger, or any other platform. Keep in mind that the playlist should be the one that they make themselves, not the playlist they follow. Then you need to open the link and see your friends name at the top of the playlist.


How get more spotify followers


Get more Spotify followers naturally by these simple ways:


  • Keep sharing and sharing – to earn more followers, you need more exposure. Share your things more often in different platforms.
  • Advertise in social network – Use Facebook ads, Insta ads, or Twitter Ads and get more exposure.
  • Get engaged with Playlisting sites
  • Get involved with Reddit or other forums
  • Playlist exchanges
  • Collaborate with your friends’ playlists
  • Put a good word about your Spotify profile
  • Create more playlists



Can you block someone on spotify


If what you meant someone is the Spotify user, then there is no option to do it.  Spotify does not come with the feature which allows users to block other users. Spotify is different from other social platform. It does not have a place for users to interact through messenger or other medium. There is no block function because it won’t be necessary. Perhaps one day, if Spotify adds messenger or other means of communication within its platform, this feature will be available. When there is communication mean, there will be block function.

Perhaps the most annoying thing you could get is when ones have such a bad playlists and you don’t even want to listen to their songs, you can simply unfollow them. If you don’t want your playlist to be exposed to strangers, you can just Choose “Make Secret” feature to hide your playlist.

Despite not having the option to block other users, you have the option to not play specific artists. Choose “Don’t Play This Artist” to avoid listening to them.


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