How to Get Famous on TikTok

How to Get Famous on TikTok


How to get more followers and hearts on TikTok?


TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps in recent years. Now it is 1 billion downloads on Google Play store. Imagine how big is the chance to connect with other people around the world with the help of this app. If you are using TikTok, you might want to have more followers on TikTok profile, you have come in the right place.


Like YouTube, the parameters of your popularity are the views and likes. Therefore, it is sensible that you are striving for these variables to get more popularity. Here are the easy ways to increase your popularity on TikTok.


Work few things around your video


Uploading your video in TikTok is easy because all of the finishings will be done by the apps. However, you also need to do a few things in detail to set your video correctly so that it will show at the right audiences. Here are the elements that you need to consider:

Tagging your videos: adding appropriate tags to your video will help you to get more views and exposure. Make sure that the tags are relevant so that only the targeted audiences or the audiences who love your niche will be viewing your videos.

Make attractive videos: TikTok is all about entertainment. Therefore, you will want to make the video as good as possible. It might not be good at the start, but you will nail it after a few attempts.

Take your time creating the videos: it does not hurt to take the videos a few times. Most of the time, taking multiple shots will give you more options to choose the best video to upload.

Use the share button: Don’t hesitate to share your video to your social networking sites. Invite your friends to do so as well.


Picking the right niche


Picking the right niche is a very important step in starting your TikTok popularity. It is much better to pick up a specific niche and stick with it rather than doing different niches altogether. You cannot do everything at “good” level so better exclude the bad stuff and focus on the things you are good with. Therefore, the audiences will get familiar with your performance. They will know you for that specific niche.


Improve your appearance


If you think that your current appearance is so-so, then you will need to improve it. As mentioned, tik tok is all about entertainment. So, you will need to be attractive to entertain your viewers. The more attractive you look, the more people are willing to spend their time watching your videos and sharing them with their friends. Spend some time to think about the concept and how you will want to look in your video.


Making a collaboration with the influencers


If you are confident with your talents, you could ask for a collaboration from famous Tik Tok users. If you are collaborating with a famous Tik Tok user, there will be a chance that their viewers are becoming your followers too.


It is a mutually beneficial relationship which is the win-win solution because each party is giving their contribution. It is best to find people who have the same niche as yours so that the entertainment content will be much easier to get done. So, follow a popular TikTok user, send him or her a message, and get collaboration.


Have a routine schedule


You will want to stay active to get more exposure on your videos. Post the videos routinely. As the time goes by, your hard work will pay off. There is no result that betrays your efforts. But you must be committed with your consistency. If you are setting that you perform twice a day, then do it.


Build a good premise


People love good stories. So, you will want to tell your stories so that the audiences will know the real you. They will know things easier and get really close with you. Knowing that your fans are familiar with you, you will have the leverage to influence your viewers with your quality videos.


How long does it take to get famous on TikTok?


So, don’t give up yet. Odds are, you might be a part of Gen Z, or Gen Y. Some folks can gain popularity in a short time, some take months or even a year. But let’s think it this way. TikTok won’t go anywhere else anytime soon. So, you can still use this app for your cause.


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