How to Get Famous on Musically Fast

You have watched some of the fantastic content in Musically. You have seen the stars rising on your watch. But how to get your own fame on Musically?


Well, just like when you use other platforms, Musically success does not happen overnight. There will be a real competition out there. And if you don’t have what it takes, then the path won’t open to you. But there’s a silver lining. Everyone has the same chance in Musically. And if you are able to use this chance properly, you can get popular there. Here are the best tips for you to follow.

How to Get Famous on Musically Fast


Start from zero


There will be learning curve. But the challenge is right from the start. Rather than focusing on your popularity, you will want to improve yourself first. Here is a good thing that I’d like to tell you. In Musically, there will be many new things to discover. And if you are a real learner, it will be fun to discover new things and try them out. Although you come with zero experience, it shouldn’t be a problem since there are many people who had been there. So, if others can, why can’t you?



Invest in the gear


Depending on how you’d like to perform in Musically, you will want to invest in the proper gear. For instance, you should get a tripod if you want to dance. You will want to get a costume if you want to stand out of the crowd. Don’t use poor quality of mic. Do your research first before you shop around. You will find out that there are many things you can find online. It will be fun to learn here and there.


Focus on what you like


Many people think that if they do the popular stuff, their videos will also be popular. Well, it does not guarantee that. Here is the analogy. The more you do what other people ask, the more chances you will lose yourself. The more you do what you like, the more interesting things you can find on the way. But no matter what you choose, it does not guarantee your popularity result will be as good as others, or better. The thing is that there is no point that you do what you hate while you’re popular because of it. But you can reward yourself when you are less popular but you are happy with the process. Which path you take? It is up to you.



Try to be expressive


People love to see their entertainer’s expression. So, make sure you put a lot of work to over-the-top facial expressions. Make sure that you are sincere. Even the microexpressions can be read by your fans and they will feel something off.


Choose the best spot to record


Some people are cool with their bedroom as shooting spot. But your bedroom is your privacy. Not to mention that you can actually find a lot of fantastic places in your area. Do some research before proceeding.


Practice and practice


No, practice won’t ever make you perfect. But surely, when you practice seriously, you will get better. If you have such commitments, you will be much better than before. Your first take will be worse than the next takes. It is natural. Not a single successful artists come better in their first attempt.




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