How to Come Up with A Band Name

If you are thinking about the name of your expecting band, then you’ll agree that it is a daunting task to do for all the members of the team. Coming up with an appropriate band name can be difficult. Well, it is not as hard as you think, really. No matter what the vision of your band, there will be ways to find the best name that really represent what you and your bandmates desire. Here are the considerable tips which you can practice with your friends.

How to Come Up with A Band Name


Make a list of possible names


Brainstorm the ideas with your friends. Jot down possible band names on a note, or whatever medium you want. Write all of them down. No matter what things that come up in every member’s mind, list it. Don’t argue or discuss them yet. Make sure you and your teammates have jotted down all of the possible names on the note. From that list, you will eventually find the best name for your band.


Play around with the names list


Mix, modify, match, change, and play around with the names list that you’ve gathered with your friends. Take some names, compare with the others. add one word to another. Some names can fit to one another. You can take a look at a few real examples such as Vertical Horizon, Savage Garden, etc.


Mind about the meaning


Does your band name has certain offensive meaning towards some societies or person? Does it rise controversy? You and your teammates will need to think it over since you are going to use this name for a long time in the future, or forever. It might seem funny or laughable to find the names from a murder case, but you must think about the victims’ family feelings. Explore all the possibilities and steer clear every bad slits as much as you can.


Is your band name a song title?


Are you wanting to take a band name from your favorite song? Well, it can be wrong because some risks might underlie. But if you want to proceed, it is your right to do so.


Is it catchy and easy to remember?


Can other people remember it easily? Is it something that people are going to hard to remember? the last thing you want is how many times people will misspell or completely forget the name of your band. In some cases, some of them might ask you to spell it. Well, it can be a real bother in the future.


Don’t come up with the name that you will regret later


Therefore, it is important to discuss the whole thing with your band members. Make sure the core members are always present when making the band name. You might get lucky with a cool name for your band but you might realize that it is too bizarre, too classy, or anything else. If you are not convenient with it, don’t use it.


 Add some numbers



You can add some numbers. Your favorite numbers, maybe? Or perhaps, the numbers of your band members. Some names that contain numbers can also give a kick which the audiences can easily remember.


Use the free name generators online


There are many amazing people who make the name generators which allow you to generate band names for free. These tools will give you the broad ideas in real quick time. You just need to hit “generate” button and the result will be available in a matter of seconds. They come up with dozens of fantastic names to consider. Your band names could possibly derived from that result.


Google your band name


Ones won’t be so sure if the band name is already used or not without googling it. So, once you come up with some names candidates, you will want to google this name and see if there are other bands already used it. If you see that the other bands have used the same name, then you cannot use it. The last thing you want is to get involved with the disputes with other bands. But what if the name you found is not a band name? Check it if it has trademarked name or copyright. If they have already registered that name, then you won’t stand a chance. You must look for another name instead.


Stick with your band name


Once you’ve decided the band name, you and your bandmates will want to live with it since it is a pivotal one in your future business. If your band makes it through the music industry, the audience will naturally define your band name.





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