How to Clean Guitar Strings With Household Products

How to Clean Guitar Strings With Household Products

Whether you are a newbie guitarist or the intermediate one, you surely realize that one of the things to do to make the guitar strings good is to clean them regularly. If you are wondering how to clean guitar strings in the proper way, you have come to the right page. Let’s just cut to the chase and focus on the topic.


There are actually a lot of ways to clean the guitar strings. When you ask your friend, bandmate, or someone you know, there might be plenty of options you can attain. But not all the methods are prevalent for your guitar strings. Here are the options that you can explore. But the one who decides to choose is still yours.


Isopropyl rubbing alcohol


The household item like Isopropyl rubbing alcohol can do the trick if you don’t have the guitar strings solution right now at your cupboard. This method has been popular in the forum, blog, or other communities in general.


If you already have isopropyl rubbing alcohol at home, then you are good to go. Here is how you are going to do it.


Get the regular isopropyl rubbing alcohol from your box. Then apply some drops to the cotton swab or microfiber cloth. I’d like to recommend softer microfiber cloth to prevent the damage on your strings. Clean your strings by rubbing the cloth part mildly to the guitar strings. Get all the dirt off. Reapply if you still notice the leftover dirt. Doing this on a routine basis will make your guitar strings last longer.


Perhaps it is the first time for you hearing about isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Although some folks are strange to this option, believe me that it works. If you don’t have the guitar strings cleaners right now, you can work on the strings with isopropyl rubbing alcohol to clean and maintain your strings and make them last longer. The Isopropyl rubbing alcohol will do a good job in cleaning up the mess.


The Strings Cleaner


If you have time to stroll around the department store, it does not hurt to look for the best guitar strings cleaner. Chances are the music stores in your area provide the strings cleaner products of different brands.


When you browse around, make sure to pick the one which does not have harmful substances for your guitar strings. Most of the time, the guitar players do not notice that there are some dirts sticking to their strings. When you look at the strings and do not notice anything, it does not mean that the dirt is gone.


It is recommended to clean your strings after every time you play your guitars.


The dirt and grime accumulated on the strings can cause extra weight and stress to your strings. These will shorten the lifespan of your strings. That’s why cleaning your strings on a routine basis will help you to slow down the oxidation.


It is also recommended to clean your strings while you are using your instrument. It is possible that the strings are exposed to the heat, dust, humidity, and the elements on the environment. Whether you are sweating under the lights, nervous, or getting dirty, it is a great idea to wipe down the guitar strings during your session.


Between your breaks, it is also recommended to clean your strings with your microfiber cloth. When you clean the guitar strings before your session, let it rest for a few minutes. Give it time so that the solution will get dry.


The number of cloth products will do wonders. Just make sure that these clothes are clean enough. Instead of applying a cleaning solution directly to the strings, you will want to spray it first onto your microfiber cloth then apply the cloth to your strings.


Is it necessary to lubricate your strings?


When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, this question is one of the most often asked by the beginners. First things first, you will want to know what your strings are made of. You won’t need to lubricate the string if it is nylon string. Nylon strings are already resistance to corrosion. Meanwhile, the steel strings need the lubricant to perform well. These lubricant products will prevent them from duty, sticky, and corroded.

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