How Many Different Types of Saxophones are There

The Different Types of Saxophones

There are many saxophone artists who have been successful in the music industry inspiring music lovers around the world. You can be one of them and willing to learn about the different types of saxophones.


Saxophones, just like other music instruments, come with different types which have different applications and designs. Experts suggest dozens of saxophone types. But there are actually some common types of saxophones that you need to know so that you can decide which one is a prevalent choice for you.


The saxophones themselves have been evolving from year to year. It is important to notice a few changes made by the manufacturers to appoint the best performances for all the saxophonists. The most common saxophone types are based on their range of notes. There are soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, as well as baritone sax. As mentioned, there are dozens of saxophone types you can find out there. But those four types are the most common ones.


Soprano Sax


The other name is Bb saxophone. As the name suggests, it focuses on the Bb range instrument. The design can be either curved or straight. You will notice that there is a significant difference between the curved and straight soprano sax instruments. It is up to you to choose which one works for you the most. But one thing you must know about different types of saxophones is that it comes with different difficulties.


Speaking of the devil, the soprano sax is the hardest kind of sax to play. Have you been familiar with Kenny G? That’s right! He has been using soprano sax. Learn about the range of soprano sax. I am sure you will be wowed with the ample possibilities from this type of sax.


Alto sax


The alto sax is the Eb instrument. It is one of the most common saxophones that you can find on the market because people tend to choose this over other types because it is much easier than the Soprano sax to play it. Regardless of the fact, there are many professionals that you might be familiar with such as David Sanborn, Phil Woods, Kenny Garrett, Maceo Parker, etc.


Tenor Sax


The tenor sax is a Bb instrument. Besides Alto sax, it is also the most favorite saxophone type for all kinds of players. No matter what’s your proficiency or level, this one can be your best buddy in playing. The different types of saxophones host opportunities for the fans of various genres to explore their creativity. Tenor Sax instruments have been featured in many commercial songs. But you can find a lot of tenor sax masterpiece records which come from jazz to pop music. Some of the professionals whom you can take the inspiration from are Sonny Rollins, Michael Brecker, John Coltrane,etc.


Baritone Sax


The Baritone sax instrument is the largest in size compared to the other types of saxophones. It comes with the Eb range. The Eb instrument is also a popular model, and more significant for the band of saxophones. If you’re still new to this, you can rest assured that you can find the nice applications of Baritone Sax in jazz and funk music. Some of the popular baritone sax players are Gary Smulyan, Gerry Mulligan, Pepper Adams, and so on.


The applications of the sax types


The different types of saxophones have their own applications. In the classic jazz band formation, the applications are made of five saxophones in total. They are two alto saxophones, two tenor saxophones, and one baritone saxophone. But as mentioned, the saxophones applications have evolved from time to time. There are tons of applications that you can explore with modern influences. It can be your concert bands, symphonic bands, marching bands, or even a metal band. The possibilities are almost endless.


The different types of saxophones have their own uniqueness and quality. The more you become familiar with the types, the more aware you are with their potential. After a few attempts in knowing their types, you will eventually be able to differentiate the saxophone types from hearing your favorite music tracks. After comprehending the different types of saxophones, what would you like to play the most?


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