Best Violin Shoulder Rest Review

Best Violin Shoulder Rest Review


There are best violin shoulder rest products that you can come across around the internet. But before proceeding, you probably think if it is necessary to get them or not. Ones would want to weigh all of the possibilities before picking the violin shoulder rest from the market. It is one of the most common questions asked by the beginners, intermediate, as well as professionals before proceeding with their shoulder rest purchase.


The violin shoulder rest is one of the most integral accessories for the violin players. It is as important as strings and rosin. But if you are serious with your play, you will quickly find out that the shoulder rest is important set up for the violin players.


The perk that you cannot resist


The violin shoulder rest offers stability, making it easier to play the violin. For the beginners, it is indeed an important feature. With the shoulder rest, ones will be able to improve their game without having to get tired or exhausted with the challenges. The presence of the shoulder rest on the violin will give the proper posture which allows you to produce the violin sounds maximally. The padding also makes the players comfortable so that they can practice with their violin buddy for hours without feeling fatigue.


How to choose the right violin shoulder rest


It is not an absolute rule to use shoulder rest for violin since it is down to the specific preference of each violinist. There are many prominent violinists who are able to improve their play by using the shoulder rest. If you need it, why not?


To find out the right shoulder rest for your violin, you will firstly want to know what type of the shoulder rest that can meet your specific requirements. Some people prefer softer-touch shoulder rest that offers you with the maximum comfort. Since it lies on your shoulder, you will need to check on the shoulder breadth and neck height that provides the comfort and convenience for your body. The good news is that most shoulder rests in the market are adjustable. You can use the adjustment to fit your requirements.


If you’re lucky, you could check the shoulder rest by yourself at the physical store. But if you are getting it online, consider reading the trustworthy reviews about the product. It is also crucial to decide the materials which can make you feel better without affecting the sound of your violin.


The violin shoulder rests in the market are not created equal. Normally, you will take your time to browse around the available options out there and narrow down the selection. But you must invest your time to do that. Instead, you could take a look at our most recommended shoulder rest list below.


*Pick the Best Violin Shoulder Rest for You*


Anton Breton Deluxe Adjustable Violin Shoulder Rest

Anton Breton model comes for – 4/4-3/4 violins. We added this to our list because it is a product which has an enormous amount of positive reviews in the market. This brand is also one of the most prominent in the market, competing with the other popular brands in its class. It comes with a padded velvet shoulder cushion to give extra comfort and protection to the player. As we know, practicing violin can take hours on a routine basis. Many people get fatigued after each session of practice. This padded velvet shoulder cushion can minimize it well.

The Menuhin-style adjustable shoulder rest features the wire spring structure which hosts the shock-absorption and maximum comfort features.

Anton Breton Deluxe Adjustable Violin Shoulder Rest


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VIVA LA MUSICA A90G-D 3/4-4/4 Shoulder Rest

The A90G-D model from VIVA LA MUSICA is designed for the 4/4 Violin. The shoulder rest design is one which procures the comfort and convenient factors for violin players in various levels. It comes with the convenient shoulder rest which will not betray your performance. It comes with length and height reduction. The extreme light weight of the shoulder rest is also the core feature of this buddy. That means you will not feel burdened when wearing this while you are playing.

The length and height reduction and lightweight features are the factors which we rarely see in other shoulder rest units from other brands. Besides it has the rubber cover of the feet which blends well with the overall design of the shoulder rest. the rubber material in it make sure that this buddy will stay while you are practicing.

VIVA LA MUSICA A90G-D 3/4-4/4 Shoulder Rest


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KR5 Violin Shoulder Rest

The KR5 Violin Shoulder Rest comes with

First of all, I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t fold-able, like most Kuns; however, it did not state that it did- thus, I got 100% what I paid for. It was a prettier dark color than most Kuns (that look old and worn out after a short period of time); this one did not. Also, this one had a PLUS side where it did not fall off easily like the most common (40-60 dollar range ones) Kuns. This one is definitely RECOMMENDED for all players; and the curve fits very well; my shoulder type and neck length usually cause my previous shoulder rests to droop my violin, unlike this one. Enjoy! (I rated this a 4.5 not 4)

KR5 Violin Shoulder Rest review


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Viva La Musica Artist Violin Shoulder Rest

The artist violin shoulder rest from Viva La Musica is purposely designed for 4/4-3/4 violin models.

The gold-plated metal fittings in the shoulder rest makes it more durable and sturdy. If you are in heavy use, this shoulder rest must be able to cater to your needs. The product is made of natural material walnut wood. the craft is perfected in order to grant such quality rest with maximum comfort.

If you have short neck and broad shoulders, you will realize that this shoulder rest design is very helpful for you. Make things better now with the help of Viva La Musica.

Viva La Musica Artist Violin Shoulder Rest


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Wolf Forte Secondo Violin Shoulder Rest

The Secondo Violin shoulder rest from Wolf Forte is purposely designed for 4/4 to 3/4 sized violins. It has adjustable height from 1-1/4” to a full 3”. Wolf Forte is not a new brand in the market. In fact, many people have been fans of the brand for decades. The shoulder rest models from the brand have been the popular choices for professional violinists and players at every level. When you get a look at this model, you will agree that it has already matured its line of products. The height and pitch of this shoulder rest is adjustable. Then there is the sliding width adjustments which allows you to explore all kinds of positioning to your likeness.


Wolf Forte Secondo Violin Shoulder Rest review


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AcoustaGrip Concertmaster Shoulder Rest Level 1 Charcoal

Some shoulder rest products in the market come with glue or clamps which can affect the original body off the violin. If you don’t want to forcefully attach anything on your violin, you could consider picking this shoulder rest. This shoulder rest can stick without any glue or clamp. Therefore, there is no damage to your violin parts. It fits inside the instrument case without any hassle. The ergonomic design of the best violin shoulder rest is also awesome. You can easily wear it and improve your performance in no time. Since there is no glue or clamp involved, it can preserve the body of your violin.


AcoustaGrip Concertmaster Shoulder Rest Level 1 Charcoal


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Playonair Deluxe Violin Shoulder Rest

Playonair can be an affordable choice for the beginners, or parents who want to facilitate and support their kids. But this shoulder rest is actually prevalent for all kinds of users.  the feet part of the rest will grab well onto the sides of the instrument. The ergonomic design of the violin eases the users to play the violin without any problem. The design of the rest won’t also affect the sound quality produced by your violins.


Playonair Deluxe Violin Shoulder Rest review


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Kun ORIGINAL Violin Shoulder Rest  4/4 Size Black

Kun violin shoulder rest is easy to notice and remember in the marketplace. The one that we review right now is designed for 4/4 size violins. However, you can also get the other models which are prevalent for the 1/2 to 3/4 sized instruments as well. This violin comes with premium quality. The cool design of the Kun shoulder rest is based on the original handmade model from the brand. For the design, it has been ergonomically well so that it won’t be hard to use this shoulder rest for any purpose. Kun Original brand has been popular amongst violinists in various levels. It is a popular option amaterur and professional players.

Kun ORIGINAL Violin Shoulder Rest  4/4 Size review

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Pirastro Korfker Violin Shoulder Rest

One of the best models that you can grab right now from the market is Korfker Shoulder Rest from Pirastro brand. It is indeed not the cheapest option that you can find on the internet. But many people have been using this shoulder rest because it provides a comfortable solution that not all shoulder rests have.

The rest is adjustable in several ways. It is easy to use it for the first time. In this item page, Pirastro brand has updated the model to the 2.0 version. So, you will get the 2.0 version model if you purchase it from the marketplace right now.

Pirastro Korfker Violin Shoulder Rest review


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Wittner Composite 3/4 Violin Chinrest – Side Mount – Hypoallergenic

I can say that it is the best side-mounted violin shoulder rest that I can find on the market. The ergonomic design off the chinrest is easy to comprehend by the beginners and amateurs. It comes for 3/4 violin. But the most selling point of this shoulder rest lies in its non-allergenic feature. If you have sensitive skin, this best violin shoulder rest can be a great option for you.


Wittner Composite 3/4 Violin Chinrest - Side Mount - Hypoallergenic


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