Best Ukulele Songs for Beginners

The Best Ukulele Songs for Beginners


If you’ve just started your ukulele’s journey, there’s a learning curve that you need to overcome although it is much easier than other string instruments. Did you know that the ukulele songs for beginners can help you to speed up your learning? Not to mention that you can have fun and explore the songs. The moment you’ve mastered the songs, you will be proud to show it to your friends, family, or your teacher and make them proud.


But playing classic songs or kids’ songs can make the training session not pleasant. You will want to play with the best songs for beginners. There are many easy ukulele songs for beginners that you can learn and play with the available ukulele chords. The good thing here is that most of the popular songs you’d like to cover are available with chords. You can find chords freely from online websites. However, there’s no need to waste your time to look for the best songs for you. Instead, take a look at the list we share below. You can start by learning some of the familiar songs, and proceed with the other songs.


So, without further ado, check the songs below.


Jason Mraz – I’m Yours


If you are up to Ukulele or string instrumental songs, you will surely know this song. Taken from the album “We Sing. We Dance, We Steal Things”, I’m Yours is one of the top favorites by the musical students. It is easy to learn ukulele songs for beginners. But to make the play better, you will put your effort into it. The chords used for this song are C, G, Am, F, and D7.


Bruno Mars – Just the Way You Are


Many people learned to play this song and nailed it on the same day they began. Well, if you are just as serious as other people, you can master it in an hour or two. Just the Way You Are is a romantic and fun song to play. It only uses A#, Dm, and F. Simple, isn’t it?


Ed Sheeran – All of the Stars


All of the Stars is one of the best ukulele songs for beginners performed by Ed Sheeran. Not only easy listening, but it is also easy to learn the song with your ukulele. It is the OST of The Fault in Our Stars movie. Those who have ever watched the movie will be familiar with it. The only chords used in this song are F, C, Am, G. I am sure you have learned these standard chords.


Chris Tomlin – Amazing Grace


If you’re up to covering gospel songs in your early ukulele, Amazing Grace can make a great choice for you. There’s a chance that you have also memorized the lyrics. The next thing to do is to work on the chords. You will be using C, F, G7, and Am. Some folks are not familiar with the G7 chord. But believe me, it is quick and easy to learn.


James Blunt – Bonfire Heart


James Blunt Bonfire Heart has been performed in many band competitions across the country. If you are living in the country, or pop country community, you would possibly be familiar with this singer. Bonfire Heart has hit the top charts worldwide. Regardless of the fact, it is easy to learn the song. It only uses Am, C, Em, F, and G. pretty basic, isn’t it? But wait, you need to get your soul on it.


OneRepublic – Counting Stars


Counting Stars is one of the most popular easy ukulele songs for generation Z. The chords used for this song are Am, C, G, and IF. It is simple and easy to play. Make sure to add this song to your practice session.


Train – Hey Soul Sister


Train has been around to entertain folks for a while. Their 2009 album “Save Me, San Francisco” has been on the top chart. “The chords used for this song” is one of their hit songs.

The song originally comes with Ukulele composition but the chords are complex. But still, you can get the easy version. The chords used for this song A, B, Dbm, and E. Although this version is simpler, you will attain the same feeling when playing this song.

No matter what your motivations or reasons to play ukulele, learning these ukulele songs for beginners will make your music life more fantastic.





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