Best Ukulele Brands for Intermediate | Full Reviews

Best Ukulele Brands for Intermediate | Full Reviews

Chances are you have been with your old ukulele for a while. Leveling up, you surely seek the best ukulele brands for intermediate. As we know, ukulele learning curve is friendly for all folks regardless of their ages and genders. You could just pick your ukulele up, and start playing songs you want to cover.


So, you are now in the phase of getting serious with your ukulele playing. Your choice for now will determine your future play. Therefore, it is important to focus on the top rated brands. The last thing you want is to struggle for a few months just because you don’t have an adequate buddy to play with. When you pick the right brand, you will be able to improve your game without any hassle. Here are the best ukulele brands that you could consider from the market.


Lohanu ukulele

Don’t get it wrong with the name. Lohanu is actually a Canada-based company. But this brand really deserve our top ukulele brands spot because of its positively-feedback ukuleles. The brand infuse the modern concept of the ukuleles without tarnishing the Hawaii theme and vibes in the models.

Lohanu name is a Hawaiian phrase composed from Hawaiian words. This brand has the distinct perk that not many best ukulele brands for intermediate have: the lifetime warranty.  It is surely a winning factor which you could leverage when looking for a good ukulele for you.

lohanu ukulele brand


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Hurricane ukulele

Hurricane is one of the greatest brands because it offers good quality models which are prevalent for both beginners and intermediate. It might has smaller range compared to other popular brands, but you’re sure not regretting to pick one of the models to your collection. The manufacturer chosen the material really carefully in order to produce such Hawaiian ukulele sound that you will enjoy. That’s why it’s models focus on Koa as the main material, the original wooden material from Hawaii. Despite the high quality craftsmanship, it procures such affordable products.

Ones would not break their bank in order to attain a good ukulele for their professional plays.

hurricane ukulele brand


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Pomaikai ukulele

Some folks wouldn’t recommend this brand because of its price ranges. Well, we cannot justify one brand just because of their price ranges. It is true that it is simply not the best brand that you can meet on the market, but it is the best in its lower price class. Pomaikai is a popular brand amongst the budget conscious buyers. Most of its ukulele models can cost around $40 to $70 depending on the model. Some of the models are prevalent for intermediate players. If you want to bring up your play to the next level with a limited budget, Pomaikai models should be on your wishlist.

pomaikai ukulele brand


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Fender ukulele

If you have been around with the music world, I am quite sure that you’ve heard about this brand. Fender has a long history in making the electric guitars and bass guitar. But not many people know that it is best ukulele brands for intermediate for ukulele too!

As we know, Fender has brought some of the best string instruments to the market. So, you shouldn;t doubt about its quality anymore.

Their prolific product standards are distributed to all of their masterpieces, including the ukulele. The brand has even launched some of the best ukuleles on the market. Many notable ukulele players have tried the brand and managed the endorsement. If you are looking for a good tone and explorative play, Fender is the right brand for you. It is not the cheapest option on the market though.

fender ukulele brand


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Lanikai ukulele

It is an original Hawaii brand which company is located in Oahu. If you are looking for the true Hawaiian ukulele, you cannot go wrong with this good ukulele brands in your place. Lanikai has incredible range of the string instruments which really define the vibe and theme of Hawaii. The moment you unbox your package and touch the ukulele, you will feel the hype.

The motto of this brand is “Makes me Happy”. Many users have proven these words after using their Lanikai ukuleles. Lanikai is not the cheapest option on the market. But the brand itself really signifies the distinct level. Their high-end models won’t fail you. If you are intermediate players who are looking for a good play, this best ukulele brands for intermediate is for you. Lanikai even produces some of the more affordable models that you can easily find on the popular marketplace.

lanikai ukulele brand


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Oscar Schmidt ukulele

Oscar Schmidt is not only popular because of its acoustic guitars, but also its fine lines of ukuleles. This brand has been known for its affordable ukulele models.

Oscar Schmidt ukulele brand


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Cordoba ukulele

Cordoba is known for its high-end string instruments. Not only the classical guitars, it is also a prevalent best ukulele brands for intermediate as well. Some of popular ukulele artists have been using this brand for years. It offers both entry-level and medium range of ukulele models with sensible prices.

cordoba ukulele brand


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Mahalo ukulele

If we were to question many of the ukulele experts, they would have told you that Mahalo was their first brand. Well, it is not surprising because Mahalo has been the most popular ukulele brands for beginners and intermediate players.

Mahalo has such prominent reputation because they are used to produce such massive number of products with great quality. Both beginners and intermediate segments of the market have been familiar with this best ukulele brands for intermediate. If you drop by a music store and ask the music owner about which one the ukulele that is suitable for you, he or she would likely recommend Mahalo ukuleles for you.

mahalo ukulele brand


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Hola ukulele

Hola! Is a popular brand because of its entry-level models which come with affordable prices. Despite the tag “Entry-Level”, some users claimed that they had been using the older models of Hola! for years and they didn’t see any sign of worn off. The true intermediate players can rely on this brand if they want to stick to the learning curve. It is also a great option for a rigorous practice.

hola ukulele brand


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Luna ukulele

Luna has such a catchy name. Once you see the name, you will remember it for the rest of your life. But it is not its catchy name which makes it as one of the best ukulele brands. The brand has released tons of string instruments that rarely fail the expectations of the players in the intermediate levels. This brand doesn’t actually focus exclusively with ukuleles, but many other instruments. But it has certain standards which are hard to beat by the competitors, making it a decent best ukulele brands so that we cannot neglect it from the list. Luna pays attention really well on the product they produce, including the ukulele models. This product won’t fail you.

luna ukulele brand


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Kala ukulele

Kala has been around for a long time. It is one of the big brands amongst the ukulele lovers and music communities. Based in California, the brand has been recognized internationally. Kala has always been releasing new models on an annual basis. Now we are hitting the 2020 year. It is not surprising that you will see a lot of brand new models from this respective brand.

Kala has been focusing on various ranges and models for beginners, intermediate, to professional players. When you see their galleries at the trustworthy marketplace, you will find a wide array of options that you could shop around. The best ukulele brands for intermediate won’t fail you.

kala ukulele brand


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Donner ukulele

Donner is a popular brand which produces the fantastic lines of string instruments, including the ukuleles. Founded in 2012, it has been producing decent quality ukuleles that are long-lasting. Not to mention that Donner brand does come with affordability as well. So, intermediate ukulele players can switch to this brand easily and enjoy the perks offered by the models. It has an interesting range of products that you can browse around through its gallery.

donner ukulele brand


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Ukulele brands to avoid

When looking for the best ukulele brands for intermediate, you will come across some brands that you will want to avoid. The ukulele brands that we’ve mentioned above shave range of products which differ in quality. However, there are some brands that you will want to completely avoid for the sake of yourself. Some inexpensive ukuleles are often lower in quality than others. Most of these ukuleles come from China. They even copycat the branded-models from the market and use their own brands. They often come with dirt-cheap tag price. One of the best ways to spot the poor models is by looking at their reviews. If you’ve seen some bad reviews revolving the brands, you may need to skip them. Don’t get tempted easily with a cheaper product since they might sacrifice the build and quality.




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