Best Professional Cello Brands | 7 Top Rated

Best Professional Cello Brands | 7 Top Rated


1. Cecilio cello

Cecilio is one of the most prominent brands for cello students in the world. The brand is high-profile yet the price range is surprisingly friendly. It has been issuing the best line of cello pieces with ample quality but affordable tag price. Cecilio cello tends to be more popular amongst the students because its packages offer a great starter kit for the learners.

When you look at the beginner models, you will know for sure that these can be a great starter pack for you or your pupils. Most of these models come with the spare strings, soft case (some padded cases), rosin, as well as bow. All the cellos they produced are hand-made. Cecilio is a good brand for both beginners and advanced players. You can even get a cello less than $200. imagine how much you can save when you learn the instrument. The hand-made cellos from Cecilio are constructed in perfection. It is hard to overlook these best cello brands options.

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2. Primavera cello

The Primavera brand has been top-notch option for beginners to advanced players. In many schools in the country Primavera is often spotted as the main brand endorsement. Thanks to its friendly price ranges, the cello students are able to use their own cello rather than renting them.

Most of the models are made of spruce and maple, as well as real ebony to ensure the longevity, sturdiness, and good sounds coming from the models. the brand is lovable because of its models’ quality materials with considerable price. The profound products are available on the marketplaces as well as brick-and-mortar store. Primavera is arguably the best brand of the year 2019 for students.

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3. DZ Strad cello

DZ Strad has been around for a while and its existence is just hard to overlook by both beginners and advanced players. The brand has been recognized as the top manufacturer in producing the cellos for the beginners. DZ Strad is a popular brand for intermediate players as well.

Their perfect cello models are the most affordable in the market. But there’s a solid reason behind this. They carefully picked the wooden materials which build up the cellos. The brand manufacturers focus on Italian tonewoods which dry outside for two decades. Then they dry it in a room to make the woods stabler. Imagine how long the journey of each woodpiece before it arrives at your doorstep.

We cannot neglect the fact that their instruments can be hefty. Some of the models even go up to thousands of bucks. It requires commitment to get the product from this brand, but these are an excellent choice for the great performers.

DZ Strad is one of the most favorite mid-tier cellos. It has such great sound quality and wonderful craftsmanship. If you are fond of the top cellos perfection, then this brand can answer your every demand.

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4. Eastman cello

Eastman cello or Eastman Strings brand was established back then in 92. although it is quite new amongst the competitive market, it has been quickly recognized by the music enthusiasts because of its excellent craftsmanship.

Qian Ni from Beijing is the genius behind this brand. Since 92, Eastman has been long known as the brand which only produces quality instruments. When it comes to the level of experience, their cello models are top choice for both beginners and professionals. There are wide array of cellos that you can choose from Eastman Strings with different range of prices.

One of their best products is Eastman VC-305, which has been recommended by many music magazines and experts. It presents such perfect play and tone.

The manufacturer hand-picked the spruce for the top, flamed maple for the back, ribs, and scrolls. Although Eastman’s cellos are mostly built for advanced players, these are also a great choice for beginners who want to start their fantastic journey.

The price often goes up for 2000 bucks in the market. But this commitment will reward you with something special. The hand-crafted cellos from Eastman Strings will accompany you for many years in the future.

eastman cello brand


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5. Stentor cello

Stentor brand has been widely known as the brand for the beginners. This brand has always managed the consistency in producing good quality cellos in affordable price. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is a popular choice amongst the cellos students.

Stentor comes up with the incredible line of cellos which can make perfect choice for beginners to start their journey before being the professional cellist.

Made in China, the products are screened in the UK workshops to ensure the good quality. Experts assess the details of the models before dispatching the cellos units to the market. The brand comes with wide array of cellos models which come in different sizes, designs, and prices range. It is a great option for the beginner to intermediate.

There are two success keys why this brand is strongly recommended: 1) the quality, 2) affordable price. These two factors are important considerations for parents and the other parties who want to get the cellos for their students.

Stentor cellos are made of solid tonewoods with the ebony fingerboard, pegs, and fittings. Meanwhile, the top part of the cello is made of spruce. The sides and back come from the maple material. If you are looking for the models on the net, it is also recommended to check the bundle which comes with the cello bag, bow, and rosin.

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6. Cremona cello

Cremona is also a great choice of brand for beginners to intermediate levels cello player. The great quality of the cello models comes with the friendly price tag, which is the strong reason why parents are fond of this brand. Assembled in California, the parts of the cellos are coming from China. But you shouldn’t worry about the quality of the cello because the craftsmanship happened in America.

The cello units are made of tonewoods, hand-carved maple, spruce, and ebony. These cellos sound great thanks to the best materials derived by the manufacturers.

The Cremona string instruments are built-in compliant to the MENC Standard – the National Standards for Music Education. The workshop is in the state of California. Knowing that the pieces are crafted by the US manpower, you can expect the details in perfection.

The key to the success of this brand is the MENC standard which ensures that the quality of each model the brand issued is flawless and long-lasting. You will really need these cello outfits for your music project.

Consider to pick this brand if you plan to get the cellos units in bulk for your pupils. This cello outfit won’t fail you.

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7. Merano cello

Merano is identical with affordable and quality string instruments. The brand itself is a significant recommendation for the students and beginners to advanced string instrument players. That explains a lot why Merano is top recommended in many schools. It has unique appeals for young entertainers but it is also possible for the pro players to use this brand too.

With the adequate quality, they offer fine lineup of cellos that won’t let you down. But the top reason why it is accessible by many people is because of its low price. If you’ve just started and want to learn your way up there, this buddy can be your good kickstarter. Merano delivers such affordability without compromising the quality of the string instrument. Taking the cello unit from best cello brands won’t make you regret your decision.

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